Savory Bean Meals
Prepared in the Classic Style
of the American South

Ready in Just Minutes with
Grandma Maud's Bean Meals

Grandma Maud's Special
Pecan Sweet Potato Pie

Pie Fixin's Rich in Tradition and Flavor!
Perfect for The Holidays

Proudly Serve Downhome Cookin' Taste!

We offer a range of delicious products
for baked goods and specialty seasonings.

Herb Blend,
Steeped in Tradition

Southern Seasoning is Perfect
for Authentic & Unique
Southern-Style Cooking

Whole Grain Rich!
Under 200 Calories :-)

Now Offering Delicious Cookies that
Meet the USDAs' National School Lunch
Program Guidelines

Retail Products

Whether you're north or south of the Mason-Dixon line, Grandma Maud's gives you a taste of the South in your own kitchen.

Foodservice Products

Serve up delicious, easy-to-prepare meal solutions with our Down Home Cookin' or Home Bakery products

Who is Maud?

Paul Fregia's Grandmother believed that "food and life should be flavor'd good." Our company was born from this belief, and you'll taste what she meant when you try our foods.

New Wellness Snacks


51% Whole grains and under 200 calories! Just 2 of the attributes that qualify our new delicious wellness cookies to the USDA School Lunch Program

for more detailed information


5 Delicious Individually wrapped muffin flavors that you can add to your menu or snack shelf

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Take your appetite on a great tasting trip back in time
- in no time at all.

with Grandma Maud's Down Home Cookin'